Roman Influence on the Birth of Christianity

Admirable and Amazing Works

  • Public miracles were a noted aspect of Jesus’ ministries.

  • The Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus, writes in The Antiquities of the Jews:

“…he performed admirable and amazing works.”

  • It is reasonable to assume that this reference and the numerous references in the New Testament have some basis in human events.

  • Few consortiums in the region had the means and ability to orchestrate the documented miracles.

  • Probably only one consortium had the means and ability to feed four and five thousand people[1] in remote areas.

  • Rome was well versed at feeding legions in the field.

  • One miracle directly involves and was initiated by a Roman centurion.[2]

  • Could one man alone pull off numerous and sometimes complicated miracles? – Highly doubtful.

  • Could such miracles be orchestrated with the backing of a powerful organization? – Yes. Some may not like this answer, but with Rome’s power and human ingenuity, such feats could have been possible. There are countless modern-day examples where thousands of people fall for orchestrated miracles.

  • Were the people of Judea hungry for miraculous works from God (i.e. vulnerable to believing godly explanations)? – Yes. They were an oppressed people searching for deliverance from Roman occupation. It is well documented that numerous messiahs came and went during that time period.

  • Was Rome shrewd enough to take advantage of such vulnerability? – Unmistakably, yes.

[1] Matthew 14:19-21 15:35-38, Mark 6:39-44 8:6-9, Luke 9:14-17

[2] Matthew 8:5-10, Luke 7:2-10


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