Roman Influence on the Birth of Christianity

“Hail Judeas Caesar” Manuscript Reviews

  • Albuquerque magazine Crosswinds Weekly, by the chief editor, Sharon Kayne:

  • …a fascinating theory about Jesus.  It’s an astonishingly simple, yet rational theory and it turns Christianity on its ear.  His [Fleming’s] book is so accessible, and to this critic, so compelling.  When placed in Fleming’s paradigm, the Gospels’ story of Jesus actually makes more sense to me than the interpretation of the faithful.  Whether it ultimately is proven, disproved, or simply ignored, his theory presents readers an interesting idea to chew on encapsulated in an entertaining read.
  • review by Marc Sadowski (4 stars):

    Sweet Jesus!  No pun intended… or is it?  This book was quite the read, and it’s nothing what I thought it would be.  I was expecting this book to resemble Gladiator.  Instead, I was treated to some good, creative alternate history action.  But even the phrase alternate history is not an appropriate word to describe this novel on the Roman’s sway in early Christianity.

    It has to be one of those books that you have to read to truly appreciate.  Fleming writes this in what I like to refer to as a genre-less genre – which means that you don’t need to associate this book with any genre to truly like it.  Just be ready for it.  You might learn something!
  • Anonymous, Albuquerque, New Mexico:

    The vastness and the far-reaching power of the Roman Empire has always been a fascination to me.  Your book has taken my fascination to a new level.  The power reaches into present day.  I find it very plausible that Jesus was a puppet and not a prophet:  a puppet of Rome.  I found your book very thought-provoking and a very acceptable explanation of the origin of Christianity.

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