Roman Influence on the Birth of Christianity

The Crucifixion


  • None of the written accounts of the crucifixion in the New Testament say anything about nails being used.

  • The most common form of Roman crucifixion:

    • Subject was tied to a large post or cross.

    • Subject remained on the cross indefinitely, usually denied the dignity of burial.

    • Usually took several days to die from thirst, exposure and/or asphyxiation.

  • Jesus spent a relatively short period (six hours) on the cross, from the third hour of the day[1] to the ninth hour.[2]

  • The women who knew Jesus[3] and all of Jesus’ acquaintances[4] watched from a distance.

  • Roman soldiers[5] and a Roman centurion[6] stood guard at the cross.

  • In Matthew, Mark, and Luke no form of physical violence was committed against Jesus while he was on the cross.

  • A Roman centurion pronounced Jesus’ supposed death.[7]

  • Pontius Pilate directed who was allowed to take Jesus’ body from the cross.[8]

  • A heretofore unknown person, Joseph of Arimathea, took Jesus’ body, not a member of Jesus’ family. He is documented as being:

    • A rich man.[9]

    • A member of the council.[10]

    • A “secret” disciple of Jesus.[11]

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