Roman Influence on the Birth of Christianity

Irony of Faith

The fundamentalist Christian may look at the information in this website and in the download paper and say, “OK, maybe the information is based on reason and makes sense, but what is missing is faith.”  In most of the world religions, people are asked to believe in something that cannot be detected, seen, felt, heard, tasted, or smelled.  They are asked to believe in something that doesn’t exist physically and can’t be proven in normal human experience.  And when confronted with numerous, obvious discrepancies, the normal response is “faith.”  Faith is the key to understanding.  Faith is the key to believing in concepts that cannot be explained.  Obvious discrepancies in a religious base, even in a theological sense, are explained away as mysteries and we have to ignore them.  The believer is asked to have faith a true explanation exists that we simply cannot understand.  Faith is all-important.  That is – as long as it’s your faith.  Once it is someone else’s faith, that is different from your own then the faith becomes meaningless.  How can people place so much importance on faith and then dismiss it whole heartily when it is faith in another religion?  How can people claim their own faith is the basis for truth, but claim other people’s faith is flawed?


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Historical Context

Dating the Gospels

I Was a Sunday-School Spy

The Crucifixion (animation)

Post Appearance of Jesus

Who Did Jesus Curse-Praise

Taxes to Rome

Submissiveness to Oppression

John the Baptist

Admirable and Amazing Works

The Term Gospel

Jewish Judgment

Pilate's Defense (animation)

Roman Soldiers at the Tomb

Migration of Christianity to Rome


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