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In the first century CE during the Roman occupation of Judea, the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, and his wife, Claudia, find a country steeped in deep religious traditions and zealot resistance. The people of Judea believe the Roman presence is a defilement to a land promised to them in a Holy Covenant with their god, and are passionately defiant. Pilate elicits clandestine liaisons within the Jewish community to manipulate religious forces and subvert the populace against the established religious order. He seeks to increase tax collection and recruit men for fielded armies to further Rome's power and his own political aspirations. Interwoven into this intense conflict between two vastly different cultures is the love story between Pontius and Claudia.

This is a compelling and timely book that places ancient written accounts of the origins of Christianity in an historical paradigm rather than a supernatural or theological context. It proposes a remarkable theory of Rome's direct involvement in the inadvertent formation of the early Christian movement. The story builds towards an amazing climax of one of the most important and potentially misunderstood events in the history of the world. Pilate's strategies result in a consequence of which he never dreamed - a religious offshoot of Judaism - Christianity. In one final staged miracle Jesus survives a Roman crucifixion, the culmination of Pilate's actions, perpetuating a movement that otherwise would have withered, lost to history.


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