Roman Influence on the Birth of Christianity

Migration of Christianity to Rome

  • A point of contention that many people might have towards Rome’s involvement in the birth of Christianity is that early Christians in Rome were persecuted by the ruling authority.

  • But a very important question is:  Why did Christianity spread so quickly to Rome – within a few decades?

  • Without modern-day communications it is easy to see how the true nature of Christianity’s beginning may have been lost, particularly if the beginning was concealed in local secrecy in Judea.

  • This would not be the first example in history where something is started for one reason, but develops into something else entirely with unforeseen consequences.

  • What were the forces behind the seemingly paradoxical shift of an offshoot of Judaism from Judea to Rome?  From the land of the “chosen people of God” to the land of their oppressors – oppressors who continued world domination under the eventual banner of Christianity itself.

  • Could it be that Christianity gravitated towards Rome due to the Western leanings of its teachings and philosophies (see downloadable journal)?

  • The Christian philosophy was embraced whole-heartedly by the common people of Rome, but shunned, gradually loosing favor in Judea.

  • As with anything new, the early Christian movement in Rome was looked upon with caution and disdain by the ruling authority.

  • But they, too, gradually embraced Christianity, making it the official religion of the Roman Empire under Emperor Constantine over two hundred years later.


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