Roman Influence on the Birth of Christianity

Pontius Pilate’s Public Defense of Jesus

Pilate's Defense Movie

  • A Jewish crowd[1] brought Jesus before Roman authority and Pontius Pilate argued profusely against crucifying Jesus.[2]

  • Luke 23:4 refers to the Jewish crowd as “multitudes.”

  • Pilate carried Jesus’ defense to the point that a riot was forming.[3]

  • Why would the Roman Prefect defend a Jewish peasant, whom he supposedly had never known, in front of a Jewish crowd vehemently calling for his execution?

[1] Mark 15:8, Luke 23:1 23:4, John 18:31 18:38

[2] Matthew 27:21-24, Mark 15:14, Luke 23:4 23:13-22, John 18:38 19:4 19:12 19:15

[3] Matthew 27:24


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