Roman Influence on the Birth of Christianity


  • The first archaelogical dig at Sepphoris was done in 1930 by a team from the University of Michigan under the direction of Leroy Waterman. After that, nothing was done until 1983, when James Strange from the University of South Florida resumed excavations at the site.
  • From Virtual Religion, in describing the historical significance of Sepphoris:
    Herod's son Antipas reconstructed Sepphoris as a model Roman City, renaming it Autocratoris in honor of the emperor Augustus. For 23 years this was his capitol until he built Tiberias (19 CE). Sepphoris had a major impact on the economy and social life of southern Galilee during the first two decades of the first century CE, including residents of surrounding villages such as Nazareth, just 3.5 miles to the southeast. The extent of the Romanization of Sepphoris was dramatized by the fact that the city refused to join the great Jewish revolt against Rome (66 CE).
  • From Ancient Sandals, also discussing the historical significance of Sepphoris:
    The historian Josephus called it “the ornament of Galilee.” There is reason to believe that He [Jesus] was well acquainted with its predominantly Greek and Roman culture.


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